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My Bio

Welcome to my world, darling. You may be familiar with me, perhaps a bit intimately, perhaps fleetingly, perhaps by reputation only. Perhaps this is the first opportunity we have to make each other's acquaintance. Whatever your present familiarity with me, I'm confident that there are ways we can get to know each other even better. Let's do that, shall we? I'll start with a bit about me...Then it will be your turn...

My Background

I have been involved in the world of phone fantasy for about thirteen years now, having started as a work-at-home "phone sex operator" in my second year of college. I quickly found that I had a love of the dark, erotic world of private fantasy, and soon became one of the most requested operators working with the service.

I did take a break from fantasy fulfillment for a couple of years after I finished college, and although I did gain some important experience and skill working in the corporate world, I found it to be too structured and bland for my tastes. So, about five years ago, I decided to come back. Through an ad posted on the Internet, I made the acquaintance of Ms. Trish (who is one of the most talented fantasy artists I've ever met), and joined her Internet-based phone fantasy service.

After a year of working with Ms. Trish and getting my erotic feet (and other body parts) wet once again, I decided to go out on my own. With Ms. Trish's blessing, I started my first websites, Cock Control (www.cockcontrol.com) and Sissy School (www.sissyschool.com). These two sites focused on the types of calls that had become my favorite.

We started out as a group of five, and over the past four years we've slowly grown to include ten+ websites and twenty-five+ of the best (in my opionion, and in the evident opinion of our many satisfied customers) fantasy artists available today.

2.99 per minute - 800-356-6169

I Listen...

What makes me different? What makes me "better"? Well, everyone has their own preferences, and one man's "crappy call" is another's ultimate fantasy. And sometimes two people just "click"; conversely, sometimes they just don't click.

Pairing up in a phone fantasy setting is very much the same as pairing up in "real life" - sometimes you hit it off with someone, and sometimes you don't.

However I think the reason I "click" with so many, and the key to my success in this industry, has been this: I listen. When you call, I will ask you some questions about your preferences, your fantasies, and I am not just asking these questions to fill up space and time: I ask them because I need the answers in order to make your fantasy call the best you've ever had.

And that is my goal.

Because I've been involved in this industry for so many years, and because I have studied the Erotic from both a personal and professional perspective, I have extensive knowledge about almost all areas of sexuality, erotica and fantasy. I've long since lost count, but I would estimate that I have spoken intimately with over five thousand men: that's a lot of fantasy data filed away in my mental library.

I'm sure there is still much more for me to learn - I never get bored. Every new person with whom I share a fantasy brings new knowledge, new stimulation, a new slant on things.

And if you're trying to get turned on, there is nothing worse than a disinterested partner - in real life, and on the phone. Especially on the phone, the interaction and participation of your partner is essential to your enjoyment of the fantasy. Rest assured - when we are on the phone, I am never distracted. I am always fully present. I am always completely involved. I am never doing anything that is going to take my attention away from you.

2.99 per minute - 800-356-6169

What I'm Doing to You:

You may have noticed by now that this website is quite different from the standard "phone sex site" you have come across in the past. There are many wonderful, sexy, erotic sites out there, but the typical M.O. is to be as sexy and explicit as possible to get your attention instantly and to call you to action immediately.

Trust me - I get as graphic and explicit as the best of them. I surprise myself sometimes with the naughty things that spring forth from my lips. But I reserve that material for what I have assessed to be the "right time and place" - the telephone.

I aim to appeal to your brain first, and your prick later. Arousing an instant hard-on is not necessarily my goal...there will be plenty of time for erections later (and many many uses for said erections.)

Right now, I want your mind stiumulated, and your curiosity piqued. I want you to feel a slowly growing throb in your groin, rather than an instant gutteral response. I want you to take your time and read through everything I've written...and maybe you will leave without calling - this time.

But you will bookmark this page, I am sure. Because you want to know more. You want to know if everything I claim, is true.

In due time, you'll know it is.

My Style, My Preferences

I love controlling a man's sexuality. Exploring it. Mapping it. Expanding it. Manipulating it to his great erotic delight. I want to know exactly what gets to him, the words, the sounds, the images and ideas. I want the raw truth about his sexuality - and then I want to take that sexual truth and present it back to him in ways he never dreamed possible.

And with over ten years of personal and professional experiene in this realm - I know many ways to get what I want.

I love knowing what arouses a man. I love being the confidante to whom a man can confess his nastiest, deepest, most secret of fantasies. I guess it comes down to the fact that I just love a man who's in a heighened state of sexual response. I love to explore the terrain of a man's sexuality, find the hidden, previously undiscovered triggers and 'sex-buttons' that will drive him crazy with passion once they're found - and pressed.

I have a fetish. There is nothing more arousing to me than watching a man masturbate. Listening to a man masturbate is a decent alternative. In fact, combining a phone masturbation session with the powerful and unlimited tool of aural fantasy is an incredible experience, and difficult to duplicate in any other realm. I love noisy masturbation. I love moaning, panting, sighing, begging; I love that squishy sound that a stiff, well-lubed cock makes when it's being pumped at full-speed by an eager hand.

Nothing sounds more beautiful than a man who is speechless with arousal.

So it is my goal, my desire, my own passion to get you to that point. All you need to do is listen, and give me what I ask for. I want my voice, the thought of me, the idea of me, to inhabit the secret spaces of your sexual being. I want the keys to your erotic mind. You can hand them over willingly, or you can clutch them tightly and make me work for them.

Either way I will end up holding those keys, sometimes dangling them over your head and taunting you, sometimes jamming a key hard, right into your tightest lock, sometimes sticking them in my pocket for future use - and ultimately, you will end up drained, spent and grateful.

The next move is yours. Explore this little online fantasy space I've created for us, and then decide where we'll go from there. Your move is simple - all you must do is pick up the phone, and dial my number. I'll take it from there...